About Us

Kean Toys started in 1983 manufacturing high quality innovative educational toys. 
Due to the educational value, together with the robustness of the products, this developed into other educational equipment needs and other fields. 
Today we manufacture for: Infants, Nursery Schools, Pre-Primary’s, Reception Classes, Grade O to Grade 12, Tertiary Education, equipment for the handicapped, Montessori Equipment, Parks and Gardens and suitable products for children’s use at home. 
Over 800 products are manufactured including Tables, Chairs, Water Troughs, Paint Easels, Trikes, Puzzles, Jungle Gyms.
Contact Us
Telephone: (South Africa) : 031-5794441
Telephone (International) : +27 31 579 4441
Address: 31 Stanhope Place, Durban North, 4051 , South Africa 
Fax (South Africa): 031-5794442
Fax (International) : +27 31 579 4442